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Erotic Environmentalism

Helping earth's threatened nature.

Fuck For Forest
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"Fuckforforest.com is an alternative non-profit organization. The FFF website is made by sexual open-minded people who care about the environment. It is based on idealistic work and modeling. We are using the power and freedom of sexuality to work against the destroying of nature. The website contains all from nude photos to sex videos. We also do performances, both on the Internet and in public places.

FFF is more than a sex site. Fuckforforest tries to show how sexuality both can be nice, funny and political. Our goal is to save nature, but it is also important for us to show the beauty of natural sex and sexuality. We believe that through a better relationship to our spiritual and sexual body, we can change the reality around us. So open-minded sexual behavior is great way for us to achieve our goals, and at the same time have a great life. Not everything that is political or meaningful has to be boring." - www.fuckforforest.com

Please consider becoming a model for fuck for forest.com All nature lovers is welcome to contact us. If you like the idea of FFF, please help out! Show love for nature, a little nudity or fuck for forest! Send self-made stuff or meet us to help out. Don’t be depressive. Take control.

You must be over 18 years of age.

If you'd like to help me set up an FFF live show, in the UK or anywhere else, please let me know. Bands, striptease performers, people with connections to venues, equipment (for the bands, and a projector would be good for powerpoints), promoters, etc. Please help-the rainforest is disappearing at a rate of knots!

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